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Be Do Have

Your comfort zone is your enemy. Everything in the world is aimed at you staying in your comfort zone. Everyone says: first have it then you do the work… oh, yeah and we don’t even ever speak about becoming an outstanding person first to deserve the price. All loans are like that. Advertisement is going on, you have a desire to get the thing, but you don’t have the money, no problem we’ll give you a loan and you’ll work for it later. And in this way you buy stuff that you didn’t even want before… and you spend your whole life paying it back. This is the average person’s route. 
zhang kenny Gx1raEg 3Zw unsplash 1 Joyful Leadership Creating new generation of leadersThe successful persons route is that first you develop yourself, you do the work and once you developed the background, then you claim the price. No olympic champion became where they are by sitting on the beach sipping martini and having a tan, no successful people stayed in their comfort zone to achieve where they are at the moment. You can’t let life happen to you by default, you have to take your life in your hands, you have to take responsibility for your own life. You are responsible! If something goes wrong, so many people have the tendency to blame others for it, so many are avoiding taking responsibility: when something good happens, then it’s because of me, and if something bad happens it’s because of others. With this mentality you will never see your limitations and no one will be able to help you. Once you take responsibility for your life, then a whole new world will open up. The world that you’ve never seen before… where you can go higher and higher, where friends are really helping, when you reach success that is recognized by a vast amount of people, not just those close to you. 

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There’s a process for becoming successful. This is the be-do-have process. First we need to know what helps us on our way to success and what holds us back. Then we need to cultivate what helps and get rid of those that do not. To do so, it is important to be among people who are successful, inspired and disciplined. They can help us stay on track, inspire us when needed and push us when that is necessary. 

This association can’t be replaced with anything else. We need to take this seriously. While developing the necessary qualities we can start taking action. It is useful to develop regular daily, weekly, monthly rituals or routines that help us stay on track. Train and take action. Setting goals and measuring activities is unavoidable so we could get closer to who we want to become. Another important aspect of attaining our goal is not to confuse actions with results. 

Actions don’t equal results.

You need to recognise your limitations and move beyond them. You are here on this planet to grow and leave a legacy. As a leader your task is to develop your team, your community, your society… and this is a thing that you can not have until you became a leader in your core self and you do the hard, but inspirational work of leading others.  

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