How to manage time like a true leader

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Learning how to balance 4 ‘R’s ( Race, Relationships, Recreation, Rest) is key to becoming achiever.

Race, or work is usually what most people think they should be successful in. The most important thing for Race is developing a routine as a habit. You can achieve that with Data in – data processing – data out method.

We humans are social beings. We need solid and sound relationships to be happy, feel worthy and to reach great heights. Thus understanding the basics of relationships is crucial to live a balanced life.

If we categorize Relationships then we can see that there are 5 types. These types in order are: neutral, hierarchical, friendship, parental and loving relationship.

Recreation is the indicator of a balanced life. If you have time for recreation, then there is a good chance that you are balanced. Keep it that way. There is physical and mental recreation.

Around 1/3 of our life is spent sleeping. Sleep is necessary for a healthy life. The body and the mind are recovering during this time. It’s not good to sleep too much or too little. Balance is the key word for sleep too. Before you go to bed, prepare for your next day. Use 3 NO rule (NO TV, NO Internet, NO radio) before, during sleep and when you wake up.

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